About Stacy Sheridan

I can give you nothing that has not already its origins within yourself. I can throw open no picture gallery but your own. I can help make your own world visible - that is all.”
~ Herman Hesse

Thank you so much for visiting!

I am an accomplished clinician with 15 years experience in the counseling field offering services to individuals, families, and couples dealing with a variety of issues from childhood wounds to chronic and severe trauma. My collaborative therapy approach helps those struggling with anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma such as childhood abuse.

Trauma is something all beings experience and it is how each of us interprets & internalizes these events that determines how the trauma will effect us. Engaging in curiosity and conscious exploration into what is happening internally with our mind, body, and spirit and exploring what wasn't allowed to happen in the past will lead to healing and sustained growth.

You have the tools & gifts to achieve this! Sometimes it takes a helping & sturdy hand to walk the journey with us to remember & access what we already possess. I will walk beside you, behind you or as your guide to help you regain your strength and find your courage to get through the painful things that could be barriers to living life.

I love live music, Italian food, playing in my garden and spending time outdoors with my husband & dogs. I value the importance of breath, the outdoors, gratitude, authenticity and present moment experience and bring those dynamics into the therapy room. There is also a chance that Doc, my 120 lb furry partner in healing, will join us for added support...